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Year: 2007

Running Time: 08:00

Filmmakers: Niklas Sven Vollmer, Laura Kissel

Category: Documentary Short


Film Description


Synopsis: Part road movie, part nature documentary, UNFETTERING THE FALCONS questions the false gender identity of the Atlanta Falcons football team via identical twin bird of prey experts who spark a quirky courtship between an American Kestrel (falcon) and a has-been 1991 Toyota Tercel (the "falcon" is a female bird a third stronger and larger than its male counterpart, the "tercel").


Screenings: Nashville Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, DokuFest (Kosovo)

Awards: IDC Original Vision Award, Hot Docs (Toronto)


Filmmaker Information


Niklas Sven Vollmer is an interdisciplinary artist who teaches film/video production at Georgia State University. He received an MFA in Visual Art from the University of California-San Diego, and has been nominated for a Rockefeller Multimedia/Film/Video Fellowship. His work has screened in Canada, Europe, and Asia, and in the US, at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and the Directors Guild of Los Angeles.


Laura Kissel is an Associate Professor of Media Arts at the University of South Carolina and co-founder of the Orphan Film Symposium, a symposia series dedicated to the research, preservation, and exhibition of orphan films.


Screening Information


Day: Wednesday, March 25

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Derby Building Room 16, Lyon College

Admission: $5 / $4 / $3 (Short Film Showcase)



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